Monday, March 26, 2007

Some Kind of Designs

I thought I might post a few designs I had worked on in the past. Some of these are old, some of them are offshoots of things I had done some time ago that I kept messing around with.

First off is this concept for a t-shirt I was messing with for the Canadian band 3 Inches of Blood. These guys are pretty crazy old school revisiting of Iron Maiden style metal with a bit of an upgrade for modern metal junkies. This stuff is not for the feint of heart.

Next up are some designs that actually have their roots in a concept we pitched to Fisher Price back when I worked at Kaleidoscope. Fisher Price of course did not like the designs, which were honestly much more toned back compared to where I have taken them. At the time there was a big hub-bub about the new Ford Mustang and the television commercial with what's his face, Steve McQueen, driving the car...blah this got me thinking of a fake racing league titled, Nazkar...really creative I know, but I liked the designs...

I think I will dig up some more photos of Mr. McQueen and other racers and come up with some other Nazkar designs as they are pretty fun to make. I have a bunch of other design related work I did while at Kaleidoscope, but it is mostly really super corporate stuff that we did for Procter & Gamble, Fisher-Price, and Diebold... stuff that is safe for the board room or corporate presentation space, but doesn't really reflect any of my current artistic interests.

Last is an Illustrator/Photoshop combo self portrait. For some reason this reminded me of being in elementary school looking at the transparency's projected up on the wall...they always had this weird extra thick line quality...something to do with the photocopying technology of the time...


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