Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Personal Studies in the UDK

I am currently working on a new explosion effect and slowly but surely making some good progress. I have been taking videos of each sessions changes and making notes of the challenges.

Main goals
1> Better fluid renders
2> Better dissipation on main explosion fireball
3> More detail in the smoke and flame
4> Tight timing and execution on all aspects
5> A good level of depth to the particles with as little overdraw as possible
6> Do it all with less than 8 texture calls and 4 DXT 5 textures

fireball_test_04 from Tim Elek on Vimeo.

Getting a good fluid is very challenging to do from scratch. At each job I have had I began crafting explosion textures all over again because the previous employer owned the rights to the fluid containers. So in my spare time I am going to begin creating my own personal library of containers to save time in the future, and to have knowledge (each containers settings have loads of good info in them) of how I achieved specific results available to me at any time.

This is proving to be very fun, and having access to Unreal at home via the UDK is crazy helpful.


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