Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Singularity Developers Diary Entry

Singularity is coming out on June 29th 2010. As part of our run-up to release I worked with many of the developers here at Raven and organized a Singularity Developer Diary site.

Prior to this effort we really did not have a good way to showcase the work going on behind the scenes here at Raven. Simply put I just ran around the studio one day, asked a bunch of folks who would be interested in doing content, asked a few of our developers with web development backgrounds if they would help design and implement the site, and organized data and people.

The link I am providing represents my contributions to the Diaries, and you can click on the page title at any time to see the rest of the entries on the site.

Singularity Developer Diary

Hope you enjoy reading about Singularity.