Monday, May 2, 2011

Gears of War 3

Time is flying by since my last update. Much has changed in my personal and professional life, all for the better. I am currently hard at work on Gears 3 polishing up some of the most beautiful levels I have ever laid eyes on.

Once Gears 3 ships I plan to do a few posts relating specifically to performance in UE3. I have learned a ton about getting the most out of CPU based particle systems, and I have a few tricks to share once I get enough time to put it all together in a proper format.

Until then, check out the Gears 3 Beta if you haven't already. There are some pretty cool things going on FX wise, try firing your weapon into a smoke grenade...that ones for you FHoop!

Speaking of FHoop, check out his blog over here for some tips on creating flipbooks and using them in Cascade! Fred and I worked together on Singularity while at Raven, and he taught me more than he knows.