Saturday, July 16, 2011


As promised in my previous post I have finally completed documentation of how Epic goes about performance analysis and optimization for effects. These documents outline multiple systems and tools within UE3 some of which are newer to UE3.

The docs are currently in the hands of the UDN/UDK editors and I hope to have them back and reviewed in the coming week. The documents are fairly long and cover core effects creation concepts, in addition to optimizations for the Game Thread, Render Thread, and GPU. I have made best attempts to cover topics and use language/descriptions which are artist friendly, while maintaining the level of technical accuracy effects work requires.

I also wrote up 2 quick tutorials outlining ParticleParameter/InstanceParameter setups, and setting up a new CollisionActor Module with an InstanceParameter on the EmitterActor placed in the scene, which allows us to reduce collision calculation costs.

Sorry for the long wait on this information, I have been busy working on Gears 3. Watch UDN, UDK, or this blog for an update very soon.


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