Friday, April 4, 2014

Unreal Community

I know I have posted quite a bit about UE4 in the last 24 hours, but the image above represents the type of new thinking going around at Epic that impresses the hell out of me.

UnrealEngine 4.1 release notes

Epic is giving credit, where credit is due. This is anyone's chance, through Epic, to step up in this invigorated community and contribute something which can benefit a massive amount of users.

For several years I worked for Raven software on the licensee end of the UE3 relationship.  There were a few things about that experience that I found challenging.  When I came to Epic I wanted to learn from that experience and do my best within the studio to help improve that situation.  Now I can only take credit for a small shred of any of what is happening at Epic these days, but it is all about mind share.  Taking time to help document features, communicating with teams getting all that content we have been working on into the Marketplace.  Just generally thinking beyond my day to day  in-house FX tasks.

It's about having a new attitude and a new approach to development, developers, and our audience.  Each day at Epic I work in Cascade and make VFX.  I experience the same workflow and interface issues everyone using Cascade faces on a daily basis, and we are working on it.  Every bug that gets entered into the database and prioritized takes our licensees and our projects into account.

Interview on Gamasutra with Paul Meegan.  I think this interview sums up the changes that have been happening around our studio pretty well.

I ask myself, will this new feature I am requesting really provide a major life improvement for our team at Epic, our teams around the world, and all of our licensees/subscribers?  We are considering all of that, each and every day.
Another example of this is UE4 mobile improvements.

I had the opportunity to help out with our Soul demo, all of the water, waterfalls, and atmosphere FX in the Caves section of the video.

The UE4 mobile tools are looking really solid so far.  There is still work being done, but I can tell you I am VERY excited for the future of mobile in UE4.  Having worked extensively on Infinity Blade Dungeons, and Infinity Blade III, I have an exhaustive understanding of the limitations of the mobile content development environment.  As an FX artist it can be a bit limiting at times, but all of the hardware is improving at such a fast pace those limits are falling away quickly.


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