Monday, April 14, 2014

UE4 Cave Environment

Soon after wrapping up the Infiltrator demo early last summer I had the opportunity to work with Paul Svoboda and create a project of our liking.  The only restriction was to showcase engine features.  I was really excited about all of the possibilities of GPU particles in UE4, and wanted to work on a showcase of sorts to help show licensees what they can do with GPU particles, and create some cool atmosphere.

I just happened to be fortunate enough to get to place those particles in a level as gorgeous as the one Paul crafted for us.  Partially inspired by moments from Dear Esther, and Skyrim we hoped to capture the contrasting moods of a warm cave interior, against a raging snowy blizzard exterior.

Paul put up some great screenshots over on Polycount, here are a few thumbnails.

I really enjoyed working on this map with Paul, his mesh and materials work is inspiring.  Mark Morgan also pitched in with the horned beast statue, which inspired me to make some magical fire FX.

You can find more information at Unreal and download the content for free with your subscription to UE4 in the Marketplace.

I hope you enjoy it.


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