Saturday, August 2, 2014

Matinee Fight Demo and Live Stream

Over the course of about 4 to 6 months I had the privilege of helping Michael Clausen and a few other folks at Epic with some demo content built in the Reflections demo level built by Rick Kohler and Josh Marlow.

For the demo we wanted to create a demonstration of how we might go about creating a cinematic here at Epic, using our Matinee toolset.  This was a great experience as I actually had  a chance to go down to the mocap stage and watch the whole process.

Right out of the gate I knew there were going to be several sections where I needed to do some destruction VFX.  In the past for cinematic sequeces destruction VFX were handled by pre-simming and baking the simulation down to a skeletal mesh, to ensure proper playback etc. etc.  For this demo I wanted to make use of our integrated physics system and avoid pre-simming all together.

This was a new workflow for me and presented a few interesting challenges.  I discuss this more in depth during the live stream which you can see below.

You can learn quite a bit more about the contents of the demo by visiting our UE4 documentation specific to the project here.

If you are interested in learning about creating Particle FX in UE4 in general there is a wealth of documentation on our website.  Zak Parrish has been doing an exhaustive video series which starts with chapter 1 which you can see below.

Also I have been creating written tutorials which overview some of the basics of my personal workflow, these can all be found on our Wiki page here. Look for the Visual Effects links on that page.


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